Jonathan K. Hodge, Ph.D.


Department of Mathematics

Grand Valley State University

Thank you for visiting my home page.  Here you can find information about various aspects of my professional life, with a few personal tidbits thrown in as well.

I earned a B.S. in mathematics from Calvin College in 1998.  I then studied at Western Michigan University, where I earned a Ph.D. in mathematics under the direction of Dr. Allen Schwenk.  (Click here to see my mathematical genealogy.  In case you’re wondering, my Erdös number is 3.)  My area of research is social choice theory, and most of my research is related to the separability problem in referendum elections.

In addition to my mathematical education, I also earned an M.A. in negotiation, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding from California State University-Dominguez Hills.  My thesis focused on religious conflict--in particular, the controversy surrounding Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins.

I have been a faculty member in the Mathematics Department at Grand Valley State University since 2002, and I was chair from 2013-2016. My main professional activities include teaching courses throughout the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, mentoring undergraduate research, and participating in faculty governance through my role as a member of the Executive Committee of the University Academic Senate. I also facilitate mediations and conflict resolution workshops both at GVSU and in the community.

More information about each of these areas can be found by following the links at the top of this page.  In addition, you can download my current curriculum vitae by clicking here.