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Figen Mekik

Professor of Geology

Grand Valley State University

Vice President Paleoceanography / Paleoclimatology Focus Group of the American Geophysical Union

Assistant Unit Head - Department of Geology

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If you are looking for a list of core top samples for NSF proposal OCE1536767, click here.

Please use the articles in Earth Systems from Nature Education Scitable in your teaching, learning and outreach.


Convocation Speech, August 2012

Convocation Speech, August 2011


Teaching Honor: Last Lecture Series Speaker, Nov. 29, 2007. LastLecture.pdf



[1] Global Warming is Your Fault!

A talk I gave for the Center for Inquiry in Grand Rapids, Michigan

January 14, 2009

Press for the Talk

 [2] Blogs on

Sweatin' the Mediterranean Heat

Ozone Hole Leaks and Other Tales



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Formal Sites for Geology/Oceanography related Information/Data/Maps

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Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center

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National Snow and Ice Data Center [NSIDC]

Formal Sites for Information about the Great Lakes

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Web Sites for Paleontology

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