Mount Forgetmenot

Daniel Roberts

My wife was out at a bridal shower today, so I decided to log another peak in my summit log. This was a solo hike; I find solo hikes allow you to clear your head and be at peace with your surroundings. It was an overcast gloomy day, perfect for a climb, but not so good for photography. Oh well, you take it as you can get it. Here are some pictures and thoughts from my hike.

Trail Head
The parking lot has a few people in it, but I know that will clear once I get a few kilometers off the beaten path. I can see the peak in the distance, and it looks like a very demanding climb. My heart is willing, even if my legs aren't.

2KM in
The crowds are behind me and I'm all alone. The scenery starts to draw me in. I can feel its call.

3-4KM in
The climb has begun. Maybe 1500 ft of elevation gain so far. My legs complain, my eyes soak in the beauty around me. My desire pushes me on.

4-5KM in
GRIND GRIND GRIND. My legs and desire are in a battle for control. I overrule and push on. The heights are calling to me.

5.5-6 KM in
The gradient is punishing. I can see the top now, I must push on. It calls to me. Off to the east I can see the foothills drop over the horizon. EXHILARATION!


Finally I can rest my legs! I sit down to eat lunch and breath in the elevation. It's like a drug addicting me to nature. I can feel my soul being firmly routed in the bedrock that surrounds me. I know in my soul; this is where man was meant to roam. Not be trapped by the city, like a caged animal. I will never leave these mountains they are part of my being ........... I am addicted. I will not forget you my friend.

Some stats on Mount Forgetmenot.

Elevation : 2335m (7660ft)
Elevation gain from trail head : 762m (2500ft) .... almost all of it is in the last 1.5 KM.
Length of trail : 14km (8.7 miles) about 3/4 of that is to get you to the base. I think the book is wrong about the distances, that's why my KM above won't add up.


2004 Daniel Roberts

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