Tamborine Man

Easy Rollins

Paid a visit to Mt. Tamborine one hour south of Brisbane today. It's a small village atmosphere with craft and antique shops. Bed and breakfast sort of tourist place--you get the picture. There is also a large rainforest I visited as a kid.

A classic "Queenslander" I passed on the way. High off the ground with wide verandahs to keep cool in the Queensland heat of summer.

The lattice is a later addition to screen from the now busy road, once being a dirt track. The idea of the large verandah is to keep the sun off the walls of the house creating a 'breeze way.' The idea of the Queenslander was to move around the verandah of the house away from the sun. Mornings were spent on the western side, the afternoons spend on the eastern side. This could be reversed in winter to stay warm. This design of house has a hallway running from the front door straight through to the back door. All the rooms run off the hallway (another 'breezeway').  Ceilings are usually 13' high also. Most old farm houses like this are sited on a hill (like this one), again to catch the breeze.


This was the site of Camp Cable a large US base during WW2, used later as a pine tree plantation. Brisbane was a large staging post used during WW2 for the fighting in the Pacific. Brisbane was one of the stops of the USS Swordfish, a submarine, before being lost with all hands. There was a saying used during the war by Aussies, "The Yanks are overpaid, over sexed and over here!" Americans were paid lots more than Aussie soldiers which lead to the "Battle of Brisbane" during the war. Jealousy led to a pitched battle between the Aussie and US soldiers in Brisbane streets.

After making my delivery I headed over to my favorite bakery on the mountain. A brick oven built in 1924 produces a lovely stockman's pie (steak, bacon and peas). Taking some "Randy time." :lol

After morning tea I drove over to the rainforest area I visited as a kid. I tried looking for the walking track, but it was gone. I parked my ute and walked in off the road heading towards the rocky creek I knew was there.

This Kookaburra landed just as I pulled up. His mind was elsewhere finding his next meal. Notice the large powerful beak. They are meat eaters, sometimes catching small snakes.

A large Strangler Fig doing what it does best.

In around 15 minutes I found the old walking track overgrown and disused.

Had to dodge the Lawyer Vine sometimes called Wait-a-while vine. It was over the track in places. Seen a Scrub Turkey but he was too quick for my camera. :D


Found the old rusty bridge that crosses the creek at the bottom of the valley. Sounds of Bellbirds in my ears, they sound just like small bells ringing.


Knowing a rock pool wasn't far, I struck out in a northerly direction, 5 minutes later--an oasis.

Found eaten seed pods along the track in places.



2004 Easy Rollins

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