Dedicated to the Open Road

Glen Lewis

This is for anyone who loves the open road and just getting on it to see where it will take you. I hate the interstate and totally relax once we get on some old two lane or old forgotten dirt track. The roughest road we traveled on this trip in my 97 Honda Accord coup was Egypt road. At the trailhead we were surrounded by unbelieving late model 4wd SUVs. Sure if it had rained, we would have been hosed but we do get better than 35 MPG on the road and it does carry our packs, cooler and camp chairs just fine. :b

This was the view from our first camp up on Cottonwood Wash road west of Page. It is a dirt road through some wildly beautiful country. Not another soul around.

Next is a camp we made on the last day we spent in the Escalante area after a long day of hiking in Harris wash and Tunnel slot canyon. It was a peaceful meadow in cattle country.

We did hit rush hour on the way to this camp as this next photo shows. That was the last stubborn cow of the whole herd that we and the one other vehicle waited for. That cowboy has a whip in his hand that you can't see and was patient but not happy with this bad cow. :lol He did crack that whip as he passed but my memory card was full and I missed the best shot. :(

Next we do have a perfect motorcycle road through the wastelands and it was a long gorgeous ride.

and through this where we soon crossed the Dirty Devil river and then the Colorado near Hite. I was here for a good 15 minutes and one car and one motorcycle passed, my kind of road.

The many miles of two land backroads were just nothing short of fantastic driving experience through desert wastelands, vast grasslands and some big pine forests. We even got into a snow storm for 25 miles in some high country between Boulder and Capital Reef in the Dixie National Forest.

I love the open road. I wish they hadn't buried so much of Route 66 beneath interstate. That is my kind of road as well.


2004 Glen Lewis

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